Dear Associate,

Congratulations — you couldn’t have chosen a better time to become an MCA business owner… where you can set your own hours… work as hard as YOU want… and participate in the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry.

Get Started by logging into your business backoffice at https://www.tvcmatrix.com/secure/backoffice/memberlogin.aspx

To manually sign up a new associate under your name, enter it in here: https://www.tvcmatrix.com/secure/backoffice/OrderEntryGetSSN.aspx


Send new associates to your affiliate link here: http://www.tvcmatrix.com/YOURUSERNAME or you can setup your custom MCA.biz website.

About TVC Marketing Associates

TVC, our Nationwide Marketing Company, is the marketing arm for Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc., which has been in business since 1926.  We have 4 marketing divisions:  Direct Sales, Group Sales, Network Marketing Sales, and Internet Referral Sales.  All of our associates are independent contractors with the opportunity to build their own business.  As you build your own Sales Organization, you don’t have to worry about:

Developing and Maintaining Products – we’ve done that for you…
Calculating and Paying Commissions – we’ve done that for you…
Developing and Distributing Sales Material – we’ve done that for you…
Creating and Issuing Fulfillment Material – we’ve done that for you…

Since our success is DEPENDENT upon YOUR SUCCESS, we work diligently to assist you in your sales efforts by providing you with:

A personalized website (LISTED ABOVE) which allows you to:
Track Your Sales and Commissions.
Manage your Organization by tracking the sales of your organization.
Communicate with your Organization though email.
Enter new sales in a real time environment, which validates credit card and bank account routing numbers on the fly.
Have direct access to Sales and Marketing materials online in PDF format.
Maintain your banking information for commission payments.
And much much more…

An Associate Services department which is here from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday Central Time to assist you in sales input, product information, commission inquiries, or a host of other services that will help you succeed.

And, our Call Center for Member Services, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our members with Auto and Legal Needs.

We have linked you to the following for your convenience:

1.       A Direct Deposit Form that you will need to complete and fax to our Associate Service Department at (405) 607-2500, allowing you to receive your commissions in your bank account by 12:01 am on payday.

2.       An Associate Agreement that you will need to complete, sign and send to:

TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.

Associate Service Department

3200 W Wilshire Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK  73116

This will allow you to sell TVC and MCA products as an independent business associate. You must fill this out and mail it; however, you can still start selling today!

3.       W-9 Form to be completed, signed and returned with your Associate Agreement to the address listed in 2.

4.       State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form, which will need to be completed, signed and returned with your Associate Agreement and W-9 to the same address listed in 2.  (Not all states require you to be licensed as a Motor Club Agent to sell motor club products.  If the state in which you live requires you to be a licensed agent, we have attached the appropriate form to this email.  Both the Associate Agreement and the State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form, if applicable, need to be returned to us as quickly as possible to avoid any interruption or delays in commission payments.)

5.       State Licensing Requirements review of states that require agent licensing.

6.       MCA Presentation Book, explaining the benefits of the MCA Security Products, is yours to use in your sales presentations and provides you with a presentation script.

7.       MCA Security Product Summaries (MCA Total Security MCA Security Plus MCA Security) for all three of the MCA Security products.

8.       MCA Service Contracts for the 3 different MCA products along with their respective certificates of participation in the AD&D, Hospital Indemnity, and ER benefits.

9.       MCA Training Manual which explains processing and entering of orders, the marketing plan and referral techniques.

10.   MCA Motor Club Application – an application to be used when selling memberships where a signature can be acquired.

11.   AD&D Enrollment Form – which can be provided to the new member at time of enrollment on the Total Security Plan.  This form is required to be completed, sent and received at the address listed in 2 for the additional $50,000 AD&D to go into effect.

12.   Back Office Users Guide – explains the use and function of your Online Back Sales Office.

Please do not hesitate to call associate services with any questions at 866-467-2221.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc.

TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.